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Piano lessons for kids and adults in Jefferson County at PianoScope Studio of Sarah Breaux

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This is a safe space for students - young and old - to make mistakes, experiment, and discover. Adult piano lessons are inspiring as they achieve new skills, while piano lessons with kids gives them the gift of a skill that will last for their whole life.

We lay a solid foundation in rhythm proficiency, note reading literacy, and keyboard familiarity.

But music is also fun! There is much encouragement to try new things, ask questions, create and explore.

Each student has his or her own strengths and musical style (whether they know it yet or not!) Much of my time out of class is spent selecting repertoire that will encourage students to grow and bloom in their musical journey.



Tuition includes six weeks of vacation including one week of vacation to be determined later – 29 total lessons over 35 weeks.


In the case that I need to cancel for any unforeseen reason, my goal will be to make it up by scheduling extra lessons leading up to Spring Recital.

  • September 6 - Begin lessons*

  • November 22 - No lessons (Thanksgiving)

  • December 10, 2:30pm -  Christmas Recital at Cascades Nursing Home (6600 9th Ave, Port Arthur)

  • No lessons for the rest of December

  • January 3 - Return to lessons

  • February 24, Saturday at 1:00 - Piano Praise Festival

  • March 13 - Spring break - no lessons

  • April 19 - "Pre-recital" party for students to play pieces for each other.

  • May 11 - Spring Recital, 7pm (Tentative, I try to work around dance recitals and other conflicts as much as possible. Date will be confirmed in January.)

*Contact if interested in starting your lessons in August. Your August time slot may not be the same time slot as the rest of the year. The extra month is very helpful for making progress.

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